Keith Veshecco Memorial Scholarship

Keith Veshecco was an unforgettable presence in his community. He was a virtuoso musician with decades of experience on the stage and in the studio; he was a forward-thinking leader and innovator, who nurtured young artists and embraced the ever-changing technological landscape; and he was an engaged, caring member of his family and ever-widening circles of friends. It is with all of these images of Keith in mind that we proudly present The Keith Veshecco Memorial Scholarship for eligible students of music who are charting out similarly inspiring courses for their own lives.

Who can apply:

  • Individuals or Groups between the ages of 12-24
  • Erie County Resident
  • Those who possess musical integrity who can demonstrate a genuine interest and passion for music. (includes any instrument)
  • Those who have an interest in writing original material and/or recording their own music and/or are playing original music.
  • Emerging artists who demonstrate a potential for excellence, leadership, innovative ideas, technological ability.



Fill out this form below to be considered for the scholarship.

Application deadline is Aug 31

The Keith Veshecco Memorial Scholarship 2018
We will not publicize your name without your consent.
We will not share your email address with 3rd parties.


Award: $1000 

Judges will consist of one Veshecco family member and one or two other judges to TBD by the Times Publishing Company for selection of the winning candidate based on responses to the criteria established for the contest.




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