Posted by RockErie Music Awards on July 14, 2016

Congratulations to our winners!



Acoustics: Seann Clark and Brenna Bone
Alternative: Six Year Stretch
Blues: The Riff Riders
Country: Ralph Chamberlain Jr. Band
Cover/Tribute: Refuge
Hip Hop: C. Brown
Metal: Waiting For Never
Punk: Oh No! It’s Mustard Gas!
R & B: Honey Bee
Rock: First to Eleven



Bassist: Kris Corona (Special Guest, LEC)
Drummer: Charlie Root (First to Eleven)
Essential Player: Ron Yarosz (Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle)
Guitarist: Tony Ferrara (The Groove)
Horn: Dale Zimmerman (Ruby Port)
Keyboard/Pianist: Ron Yarosz (Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle)
Female Vocals: Brittany Morton (The Groove, Honey Bee)
Male Vocals: Paul Yoculan (Ruby Port)



New Artist: Yung Skola
Song of the Year: First to Eleven “Just Pretend”
Album of the Year: Riff Riders “Hit the Road”
REMA Hall of Fame inductee: “Oh No! It’s Mustard Gas!” -Punk


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