Posted by RockErie Music Awards on September 24, 2012

Award Winners

– Album of the Year: “The Romantic Era,” by The Romantic Era
– Song of the Year: “Set Me Free,” by Angie Myers and Boyd Baker
– Live Band: Face Down in High Water
– Acoustics: Matt “Broke” Boland
– Alternative: Chasing Moira
– Bassist: Trevor Vogt, of French Kiss
– Blues: Rodger Montgomery Blues Band
– Country/bluegrass: Refuge
– Cover: French Kiss
– Drummer: Jeff Snider, French Kiss
– Essential player: Ron Yarosz, of Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle
– Guitarist: John Brutto, of Leader of Men
– Horn: Brendan Beall, of Chasing Moira
– Hip-hop: Shuntell Mathis “Supreme Design”
– Jazz: Is What It Is
– Keyboardist: Ron Yarosz, of Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle
– Metal/hardcore: Scarwork
– Punk: Bitchwax
– R&B/urban: Lake City Fresh
– Rock: The Romantic Era
– Vocals, female: Monica Lewis, of Stiletto
– Vocals, male: Roy Hollis Jr., of The Groove


We would like to say thank you to all the musicians who make the RockErie Music Awards possible.  Without you, we would not be able to have this event.  Thank you sponsors to investing in the local music scene! Special thanks to Trevor Huster, Tammy Pescatelli and Reb Beach! You guys rock!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions to next year’s event, email us at

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