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Announced Information about this year’s music awards


The show:

  • Sunday, September 23, 2012 – Bayfront Convention Center

Musicians submit entries:

  • May 17 through June 22, 2012

Fan voting:

  • July 12 through August 16, 2012

Finalists announced:

  • Week of August 27, 2012


Bands request text codes:

Fans text-to-vote:

  • Memorial Day through Labor Day


  • New! Only one vote per person for category awards and Best Live Band
  • New! Punk, Alternative, Metal and Hardcore are separate categories
  • New! Musicians advisory board is providing input for this year’s show
  • Comedian Tammy Pescatelli returns as our host
  • Live performances by the Song of the Year nominees
  • The best house band on the planet led by Trevor Huster
  • A special performance brought to you by Make a Wish Foundation
  • More than 20 awards honoring Erie’s best local bands and musicians

Stay tuned to for more information and announcements as they come!

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