Posted by on September 14, 2010

Artists, Fans, and other life-forms…welcome the to the RockErie Music Awards blog.  Here you will find info on the show, bands, and whatever we feel like posting in regards to the awards.  Let’s start off with some details:

Tickets are on sale at World of Music ONLY. $7 for a ticket, $50 for a table ( a table seats 10 people).  Yes, the prices are higher this year, but all costs for the production is up. Yes, there will be a pre-party for artists and post party for all at Sherlock’s.  Yes, there will be transportation to the show from Sherlock’s. No, there will not be dropping you off at 4pm (like last year) at the show…because who wants to leave a party to wait for another one?  The Bayfront Convention Center will open at 6pm and the show to start at 7pm.

Since we are talking about the show, I have to tell you about our host, Tammy Pescatelli. She lives in Meadville and is a hit on the comedy scene with recent titles such as Last Comic Standing Champion and Comedy Central’s Stand-up Showdown winner.  She also has her own special from Comedy Central Presents.  Check her out on youtube and/or if you have Netflix, you can watch her instantly.  She’s not the only entertainment for the show though, you can’t forget why we are having the awards in the first place.

REMA 2010 will be our 4th year celebrating the awesome musical talent in-which Erie, PA has huge supply of in any local bar or establishment.  What makes this more intriguing? The fact that surrounding cities do not have a show such as ours.  But our show isn’t about us, its about the musicians in the Erie area.  Despite criticism, we still have the same goal of giving artists a voice to the public.  We are here to help them spread the word on their music…and our awards show is one of the best ways to showcase area artists.

Speaking of showcasing artists, we’ll be doing blog posts about the artists in the running for the REMAs daily.  So make sure you check out what we have in store the days leading up to–and during– the awards.

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